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Explore how we are empowering a new generation of high school leaders through leadership development and service learning.


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Getting Back to the Important Places

Getting Back to the Important Places

Recently, I watched a short documentary about Important Places. It starts, “may you always remember the path that leads back, back to the Important Places.” For Colorado Young Leaders, that Important Place starts at the Kite Lake Trailhead, in the shadow of four...

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CYL to receive VF Foundation Grant

CYL to receive VF Foundation Grant

CYL was awarded a grant on behalf of the VF Foundation to support the Youth Exploring Stewardship (YES) Coalition. We’re proud to work with 17 other great organizations as we collaborate to provide more outdoor experiences for youth of all ages across the Front...

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Maddy W. Testimonial

I have begun to understand that there is a world outside of my own, a world that could really use some volunteers. I have really been engaged in helping children in different situations from me to have a stronger foundation and be a rock they can grab hold of.” – Maddy W., CYL ’17

Daisy D. Testimonial

“CYL has given me so much in my life. I don’t think I would be the same person if I hadn’t encountered it because it has given me so many experiences that have given me a new perspective.”– Daisy D., CYL ’19

Stevie S. Testimonial

“In that very moment, I realized what makes me happy. Being there, committing my time to such an amazing soul – and changing my community – that’s what makes me happy.” – Stevie S., CYL ’16

Joshua M. Testimonial 2

“When I returned home from the service adventure, I spent about two days reminiscing the events, and not regretting anything.” – Joshua M., CYL ’17

Riley R. Testimonial

“Leadership is collaborating and cooperating with people from all different backgrounds to create and innovate; it’s being open minded to other people’s ideas while still asserting my own.” – Riley R., CYL ’20

Maddy W. Testimonial 2

“What inspires me is being able to see the smiles on others people’s faces when you help change their lives and knowing that the same smile is on yours.” – Maddy W., CYL ’17

Molly C Testimonial

“I have the mindset that every action I take has an impact. And I have the control of whether that’s a positive impact or not. I had no idea that my mind could have such a positive effect on my life.”– Molly C., CYL ’17

Max A. Testimonial 2

“The biggest thing stopping you is yourself. There is no one physically in the way of you internally becoming a better person.”- Max A., CYL ’16

Max A. Testimonial

“Saying yes is the start of something bigger than you could have imagined. You’ll know you love it when you do it.” – Max A., CYL ’16

Joshua Testimonial 3

My motto in life is quite simple, ‘live it to the fullest.’ CYL does not only fill up my cup of life, it allows it to overflow and drip into everyone’s cup around me.” – Joshua M., CYL ’17

Molly C Testimonial

“Exploring a new way to lead is leading with humility. It’s leading from the heart. It’s listening to others and representing those with no voice. It’s leading for the benefit of everyone. And those are skills you don’t find anywhere else.”– Molly C., CYL ’17