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The leaders of tomorrow are leading today

High school students that go further.

You’re here to do more than make a difference.

You’re here to be the difference. Be the change maker. Your passion, your principles, your desire to be there and guide others. You will have the power to use your voice and actions to help others believe in themselves. Simply because you first came here to believe in yourself.

We are Colorado Young Leaders.

Our Impact

Involved Highschool Teens

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CYL Advocates via Snail Mail

CYL Advocates via Snail Mail

In February of this year, CYL had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop series for high school students competing at the Colorado State DECA Conference in Colorado Springs! CYL was able to impact over 4,300 students from...

Hear from a CYL YAB Member: Meet Ella!

Hear from a CYL YAB Member: Meet Ella!

(working hard to restore heavily used trails in Summit County)  What has been your favorite volunteering moment so far? My favorite volunteering moment so far was going on a camping trip and doing trail restoration with the Friends of Dillon Ranger District. It was a...

Hear from a CYL YAB Member: Meet Tuhin!

Hear from a CYL YAB Member: Meet Tuhin!

(a photo of Tuhin hanging out with animals at Sky View Farm during a campout)  Who is your favorite program partner to work with? Why? I enjoy working with Horizons; we gained access to many schools and children around the district who we met and spent time with. I...