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We’re investing for the future. Your future.

This isn’t just an us thing. We need your time, your generosity, your commitment, your fun spirit. Be a leader by helping prepare your peers for whatever the world throws our way.

Make it about you, us and we.

When you choose to invest with CYL, you’re investing in the next generation of difference makers. The policy makers. The business leaders. The active citizens. The ones who impact our entire community. 

Make service your thing.

Becoming a leader never happens overnight. It’s a matter of sharpening skills for public speaking, grant writing, and taking deeper dives into community engagement to serve with purpose and passion.

Let’s get real in the real world.

Who you are and what you bring to the table make you a leader. That’s why we want you. We need the leaders of tomorrow to help us navigate through the challenges emerging today. What do you say? You in?

Leaders, we know you’re out there.

We need leaders like you who use their heads and their hearts. They are more confident. They are more compassionate. They are prepared for anything that lies ahead.

Tell your friends all about CYL. 

The more the merrier? Bet. We believe experiences should be shared with anyone with eyes on leadership roles in whatever they wish to pursue. Science. Business. Sports. Hobbies. Anything. Everything.

Get your friends involved with the program that turns good leaders into great leaders.

Invite them in.