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We are leaders here to create more leaders.

Welcome to Colorado Young Leaders.

More than ever, we need a world full of prepared minds and purposeful energy to lead the next generation.

At Colorado Young Leaders, we cultivate a sense of purpose, passion and community in high school leaders across the state of Colorado. We do this through Leadership Exploration, Service Adventures and our Decalibron Summit Program.

Simple question, but big question: why CYL?

Today’s inspiring leaders are tomorrow’s purpose-driven game changers. Each step a young person takes here will be the start down a path of a leadership journey guiding them far into the future. Through schools, community partners, and the community itself, we make that happen. 


By leveraging relationships with schools, we provide greater opportunities for students to apply and transfer what they learn in the classroom to the real world. 

Community Partners

Our communities face many unprecedented pressing challenges. Our leaders were made to tackle them head on. Our Young Leaders provide service through our community partners, pushing forward to create and establish impactful change. 


With fresh ideas, limitless potential and deep care for our communities, our youth work hard to make our world healthier, smarter, safer, cleaner, greener, fairer and kinder. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop young people’s leadership skills through our dynamic leadership process; to inspire a sense of adventure through meaningful service opportunities in the local community; and to create a community for young people to live out their discovered skills and passions.