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The power of community knows no bounds.


With the support from our generous partners, young leaders are provided with the resources they need to succeed, grow, and make a difference. Through monetary support, involvement from non-profit partners, and collaboration with youth organizations, students are given a voice to make a difference.

Champions and Funders

It takes a village full of passionate people who are excited about empowering our next generation of leaders. Ready to take the leap and join our generous group of champions and funders? We want to hear from you!

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Youth Leadership Collaborators

Do you have youth ready to take their leadership skills to the next level and make an immediate impact? Perhaps you’re looking to further serve youth in the community? We want to collaborate with you.

Featured Collaborators

Youth on Record

YOR designs and implements strengths-based, music-centered programs intended to equip young people from historically under-resourced communities with the skills needed to find success in life by advancing their academic success, increasing their economic opportunities and career skills, and strengthening their community connections and networks.

World Denver

WorldDenver is a non-profit community organization dedicated to understanding world affairs and cultures. Since its founding in 2012, WorldDenver’s impact on the Colorado community has grown along with our reputation for unique programs that connect Coloradans with experts, leaders and ideas from all over the world. WorldDenver’s reach is driven locally by 1300 supporting members and more than 2,500 community members associated with the organization. 

Rise Above Colorado

Rise Above Colorado is a statewide prevention organization that measurably impacts teen perceptions and attitudes about the risks of substance misuse to help youth make empowered, healthy choices.

Project VOYCE

At Project VOYCE, we believe that youth must be engaged as partners in their own development and the development of their communities–our motto is “nothing about us, without us.” Project VOYCE is Denver’s most authentic youth-driven leadership and advocacy training hub.

Colorado Youth Congress

The Colorado Youth Congress trains diverse communities of young people to lead systems change. We bring together high school students from urban, suburban and rural communities across Colorado – from all racial, socioeconomic and political backgrounds – to build a community and learn what it takes to lead change in a complex world.

Project PAVE

Empowering youth to end the cycle of relationship violence ​ through therapy, advocacy and education

Service Partners

Looking to grow your army of teens who dedicate their time to furthering your mission? Our students are changemakers ready to help. If you’re ready to embrace the power of youth in the community, we want to hear from you.

Featured Partners

Metro Caring

At Metro Caring, we’re meeting people’s immediate food needs while sustainably addressing the root cause of hunger: poverty. At the same time that we provide nutritious groceries to our hungry neighbors, we offer comprehensive, wrap-around anti-poverty programming so that families can break the cycle of food insecurity.

Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center


Tipi Raisers

Our mission is to be a multi-cultural and cross- generational community who works together to alleviate poverty, honor indigenous wisdom and begin to reconcile the tragic history of the Lakota People on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Sky View Farm

The farm is a place to bring the community together through education and events unique to the area. Owner and operator, Wendy Ingraham is an active community member and Castle Pines Village, resident. Wendy’s dream was whether you are an equestrian or not, this would be a place to breathe, relax, slow down, and enjoy the preservation of Colorado’s — open spaces —views of the countryside that expand on up to the Sky.

Denver Urban Gardens

DUG knows that in order to make lasting change, community needs to drive it. That’s why every one of our urban gardens and farms have been started and led by local residents. We currently have over 180 gardens in six counties in the Metro Denver Area.

Youth Exploring Stewardship Coalition

Supporting youth development through outdoor engagement and environmental stewardship.