We know why

We know why.
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As one reads, listens, or watches great leaders, one does not necessarily focus on what great leader do, but ratherwhy they do what they do.  Great leaders start with why.  In fact, there is even a book written about this very idea.  People are attracted to leaders who have a clear vision for the future.
Our vision is to redefine leadership through service and adventure within our local Colorado community.  We believe we our program will develop a new generational leader; a young person with a clear passion & purpose, a heart for others, and a desire to get the most out of life. We found that too often our young people said, “I won’t believe it until I see it.” Colorado Young Leaders is reversing this notion.
Instead, our Young Leaders are learning to respond, “I won’t see it until I believe in it.”  Our Young Leaders are learning to see their community and themselves differently.  They are reframing problems as possibilities for change.  They are breaking the patterns of apathy and choosing passion instead. They are challenging what is wrong and celebrating what is right with the world.  They are beginning to understand that there is more than one right answer and they have an answer that is needed.  They are learning to put their very best forward everyday. 

Our Young Leaders believe their community of peers is rising above the status quo and adopting a new lifestyle – a lifestyle of service & a lifestyle of adventure.  They, too, believe in the “why” of Colorado Young Leaders, and for this reason, they will do far more than they ever thought possible.

Why do people believe in Colorado Young Leaders?
“Youth are gifted with unique and considerable levels of passion. They are longing for opportunities to test themselves and start making their mark on the world. I believe in Colorado Young Leaders because it calls out that passion, validates it, and provides the structure and guidance for it to be unleashed in truly constructive ways. CYLeaders grow in confidence, expand their worldviews, and become powerfully creative members of their community. What’s not to believe in?” (Kelley Birshbach, Colfax Community Network staff member).
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“Colorado Young Leaders has given me the opportunity to change tomorrow.  I found my passions through experiencing all of the diversity that this program has to offer” (Katt Carlton, CYL student).

“I believe in Colorado Young Leaders because we are a community with amazing attitudes and hearts.  Within CYL, we all can be 100% authentic and become more aware of the needs this community.  We are learning to be our best self, to empower others, to serve first, to lead by example, and to assist our local non-profits to create a more beautiful Colorado for everyone!” (Kaylie Miller, CYL student).
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“Project C.U.R.E. loves Colorado Young Leaders… what could be better than students helping to pack supplies for other young people half way around the world—essential supplies, life-saving supplies.  I have never worked with such bright and motived thinkers; they not only listen, but act.  After speaking to this group, I found out that two of the students starting planning a school-wide Kits for Kids program at their school” (Megan Prentice, Project C.U.R.E. staff)

When you support our Colorado Young Leaders, you are believing in our “why” too.


May 5, 2014