We are raising $25,000 by December 31st!

Want to know specific ways you can give before the end of the year?

We need your help to continue to support awesome high schoolers like Maddy!  Our goal is $25,000 in contributions by Dec. 31st to support three (3) major initiatives in the new year!

1. We need to open a new, central-Denver CYL chapter, while continuing to offer our leadership development meetings at our current metro-Denver CYL chapter; this means funding for two fully-operating CYL chapters in the Spring Semester!  Our young leaders come from various schools, ethnicities, religions, and income levels, and our meeting locations need to strive to mimic our Young Leaders and provide them with opportunities to process their service learning experiences, learn from guest speakers, and dive into our dynamic leadership curriculum together.

2. We need funding for our endowment fund for student scholarships.  We believe in our product; we provide excellent leadership training, bring in local non-profits to speak or students, and provide amazing opportunities for high schoolers to experience this state through service and adventures.  We believe deeply in high schoolers, in their potential, in their untapped passion, and in their zeal to explore this world.  We want to make sure we can provide fulfilling & intentionally designed service-based outdoor adventure opportunities for every high school student in this state regardless of income level.

3. Our students live in a technological world, communicating by text, social media, and email more often than not.  Colorado Young Leaders desires to create a technological platform that will allow students to sign in as “members.”  This platform will allow students to track their service hours and success in our leadership program, and share profiles of social good with their peers, their teachers, future collegiate or corporate community.  This platform would provide a virtual space for our students to achieve their last Leadership Summit, Mount Bross, and build a portfolio showcasing their growth as leaders and the impact they are making on the local community.

November 2, 2014