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Hands on service opportunities that create change.

We believe all high school students are already leaders. We’re here to take that confidence, that passion, that self-awareness and take all of this to the next level.  We are strong proponents of the word yes. And yes, you will find the programs and initiatives right for you, right here at CYL. 

Service Adventures

Adventure doesn’t necessarily translate to outdoors here. It’s more of the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and experience something new. It’s the chance to explore different issues, interests and cause areas. Our hands-on approach helps us learn about our community. And ourselves.   

Changemaker Meetings 

For those wanting to engage community issues and engage conversations that truly spur change, changemaker meetings are for you. Led by a Summit Guide or adult mentor, we start off understanding self, community, and empowering youth to explore the leader within.   

Spring arrives and meetings shift toward the community as youth work on ideas of change. Meetings focus on how Young Leaders can use their leadership strengths to identify community needs and create an impactful community project. 

Changemaker Meetings take place twice a month, during the 2nd and 4th weeks of each month, from September through May. Young Leaders can join at any point during the school year, but it’s most impactful for teens who are able to participate at the beginning of the school year and continue through the year to gain the full experience.

DeCaLiBron Summit Program

Located in beautiful Fairplay, Colorado, this loop of four 14,000 foot mountains presents a great metaphor for leadership and journey Young Leaders experience in high school. We call this the Decalibron Loop.

Let’s start with Mt. Democrat. Here, we explore different communities, personal leadership styles, and particular interests. All CYL participants and Young Leaders are encouraged to get involved in at least 3 unique activities during the school year.

Next, we venture to Mt. Cameron. We encourage students to commit to the causes that interests them most. Explore the issues. Expand their knowledge. Learn, learn and learn some more.

Mt. Lincoln is next. This is where students go really deep. They unpack the root cause of their cause area and reflect on the progress they’ve learned at this juncture.

Think Like a Genius Challenge

Addressing important community issues becomes front and center as young leaders between ages of 14 and 19 come together for this amazing experience.

It’s a seven-week endeavor where youth teams and adult mentors use community resources to creatively design and implement effective youth-focused solutions to drive positive change. At the conclusion of the seven weeks, teams present presentations to a panel of community members and their peers with the opportunity to be awarded monetary prizes, all while opening a window to become project mentors for local nonprofits to see their efforts through.

The challenge will guide young participants to tap into their own interests, passions, priorities, and goals. They will learn how to uncover the resources available and know it is okay to ask for help.