Outlive Your Life

“Outlive Your Life” (Max Lucado)

It’s a simple, yet profound quote.  It’s a quote that our young people need to hear over and over.  More than half of the world’s population is under the age of 25.  

These young people are growing up in a time where information overflows at their fingertips, within their iPhones, tablets, and social media platforms.  Relationships are built through clever Tweets and Facebook groups; and Siri has an answer to it all.

Yet, through the internet, the media, their culture, few are telling them to live, to love what they do, to believe in their dreams.  Few are telling them to “outlive” their limitations and labels.  
Despite their apathetic label, this generations is choosing to live differently.  Research proves their heart is uncompromising, and their desire to leave a legacy is real.  According to university driven statistics, 81% of our young people have donated money, goods or services to a cause in which they believe.  75% of our young view themselves as authentic and are not willing to compromise their family and personal values.  The news reports that 61% of our young generation are worried about the state of the world and feel personally responsible to make a difference.  While much research finds these young people on track to become the most educated generation in American history!  This generation will change our world.

Our Colorado Young Leaders fall within these labels.  They care deeply. They volunteer without fear.  They invest more. Last night, our students spent the evening learning from a local non-profit, GRID Alternatives, about the benefits of solar installation in low-income communities.  We opened our meeting posing the question, “If you could change (blank) about the world, what would it be?” Our students would change economic inequality, gender & racial discrimination, pollution, lack of educational funding, apathy, homelessness, hunger, and human kindness & compassion.  The best part about their answers is they truly believe they can change the world in these ways.  Our Young Leaders are not fearful of being forgotten; they don’t embrace their selfish, lazy generation label.  They, instead, choose a life of legacy.

When you support our Colorado Young Leaders, you are part of their legacies.

April 16, 2014