A good lookin’ team, if we don’t say so ourselves.

Jennifer Landers

Executive Director

“Youth isn’t a limitation; It’s the beginning of a long life of opportunty and possibility.”

Lauren Steavpack

Program Director

“Our CYLers have a strong passion for life and it’s why I love what I do!”

Hayley Krawitz

Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator

“Pessimists complain about the wind. Optimists expect it to get better. CYLers adjust the sails.”


Summit Guides are there for your students through their journeys…

Erica Rewey

Pikes Peak Chapter

“Even after nearly 20 years of being a professional educator, I continue to be impressed and inspired by the young leaders I get to work with at CYL.”

Manda Wittebort

Denver County Chapter (central)

“I am hoping to do my small part in providing a space, platform and opportunity for their amazing voices to be heard and looking forward to seeing their vision come to fruition.”

Mac Harper

Douglas/Arapahoe County Chapter

“The youth have always been considered the future, but I enjoy that CYL provides opportunities for passionate youth to change the now. You shouldn’t have to be an adult to change the world; You just have to have all of the qualities of being a leader, and these kids do.”

Blake Franklin

Jefferson County Chapter

“CYL isnt just a local group of young people loving and helping the community, they are building a foundation for themselves by digging deeper in what they are passionate about.”

Kelley Birschbach

Arapahoe/Douglas County Chapter

“When you were young, didn’t you want to be given the tools and guidance you knew you could trust to become all you wanted to be? That’s CYL and that’s my role.”

Lauren Steavpack

Jefferson County Chapter

“Our CYLers have a strong passion for life and it’s why I love what I do!”


The Youth Advisory Board is a vital part of CYL’s leadership. These high schoolers take on helping our staff & board to guide the program, inspire new service adventures, participate in fundraising, and become ambassadors for positive change in their schools.

Avery R.

Heritage High School

“Leadership to me is the ability to make a team work cohesively by utilizing the unique strengths of every individual.”

Riley R.

Vice President
Standley Lake High School

“Leadership to me does not mean being the loudest voice in a room nor does it mean to mandate action, it means being able to find common ground, communicate effectively and accomplish a goal.”

Sophia B.

Cherokee Trail High School

Leadership is the effective communication and relationship one holds within the group to achieve a common goal. Amidst popular perception, a leader should not create hierarchy through their position, as a leader cannot exist without the collaboration of its participants. ”

Morgan D.

Recruitment Chair
Wheat Ridge High School

“Leadership is someone who can listen and work with others while also completing a goal. Leaders are always open to do anything.”

Lauren G.

Cherry Creek High School

“Leadership is empowering others to embrace themselves and others, explore their passions, and become active community members. It involves listening, organizing, and inspiring all while remaining open-minded and confident.”

Charlie S.

Colorado Academy

“Leadership is when someone takes charge of a group and helps them reach their goal.”

Katie B.

Cherry Creek High School

“Leadership to me means being able to bring people together and making sure everyone’s voice is heard. A leader cannot be successful if they are not willing to compromise and listen to everyone. However, a leader still has to be independent and know their own values so that they can guide people through obstacles. “

Eden M.

STEM School Highlands Ranch

“Leadership to me is doing what is moral and positive to most people and the community whether it advantages you or not and whether it gives you a good image or not.”

Taelyr R.

William J. Palmer High School

“Leadership is the ability to effectively conduct a group while you are a part of the group and participate in the same activities. Leadership means to be able to guide people where they need to go with as much or as little help as they request.”

Ethan W.

Rock Canyon High School

“Leadership is not telling people what to do, it is giving an example of what to do, by guiding and encouraging people in their pursuits.”

Lillian D.

STEM School Highlands Ranch

“Leadership is the ability to help others best achieve goals and passions that you share with them. Great leaders throughout history are not management, or simply inspirational themselves, and are instead defined by their ability to best involve other people in their cause.”

Gia W.

East High School

“I think being a leader means advocacy for those who, for whatever reason, have not had the opportunity for effective change. I think it means being a person who is trusted to unite people instead of separate them and stay positive in any situation.”


Nicole Mahobian

Founder & President of the Board

Nick Moscaritolo 

CYL BOD Treasurer
SVP Finance, CFO at Lodging Investors Holdings, LLC

Liz Palmquist

Public Outreach at Zoeller Consulting

Jodi Harmon

Regional Band District Manager at Wells Fargo

Angela Han

VP, Customer Success and Professional Services at NextGen Venture Partners

Paul Bauer

Clinical Professor Emeritus at The University of Denver

Crystal Ware

Director of Partner Performance at Location3

Stephanie Mendrala

Instructional Coach, MARS Team Educational Outreach
STEM School Highlands Ranch