A good lookin’ team, if we don’t say so ourselves.

Jennifer Landers

Executive Director

Youth isn’t a limitation; It’s the beginning of a long life of opportunity and possibility.

Lauren Steavpack

Program Director

CYL gives youth the confidence to lead through service, advocate for issues they care about, and connect with a community of change makers.

Hayley Krawitz

Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator

Pessimists complain about the wind. Optimists expect it to get better. CYLers adjust the sails.


Summit Guides are there for you along your leadership journey – they are the enthusiastic, passion-driven adult leaders who facilitate the Leadership Exploration Meetings. 

Karla Aldaraca


CYL helps students find their voice in their community. Then gives them the tools to persuade their passions. The students never fail to surprise me with what their passionate hearts achieve. I can proudly say I have learned so much from the voices who will lead the future.

Riley Ruff 


I love CYL because it teaches us that no change is too small, and we too can be the change we wish to see in the world. I love hiking, climbing and backpacking and am passionate about environmental justice and equity. As a CYL alum, I have worked with a variety of different organizations, from food justice and access to indigenous rights and am so, so excited to help young people find their voice, passion and purpose, just like CYL did for me. 

Sydney Jackson-Clockston


I love working with people and helping folks make new discoveries about themselves. I can’t wait to work with young adults and see all the unique ways they can learn about themselves while being of service to their community.

Tes Cohen


Passionate about creating meaningful opportunities that foster curiosity, community, + adventure in order to cultivate interconnectedness, continuous learning, + inner-strength and am thrilled to do just that as a Summit Guide with CYL! Excited to chat with CYLers about any/all things related to travel, mindfulness + yoga, and building community. Ask me about the time I biked 3,125 miles across the US and then volunteered with refugees and immigrants at our border in El Paso, TX before moving to Denver

Eden Mendrala


As an alum, I am so excited to be involved with CYL again. I am passionate about uplifting young leaders and encouraging them to explore their passions while supporting their communities. I love exploring every way in which I can grow as a person and become an impactful member of my community, and I am excited to share that love with a new generation of leaders. 

Jess Parker


I’m excited to take on the new role of Decalibron Summit Guide and help CYLers accomplish their service and leadership goals, while helping them think critically about the world around them.


The Youth Advisory Board is a vital part of CYL’s leadership. These high schoolers take on helping our staff & board to guide the program, inspire new service adventures, participate in fundraising, and become ambassadors for positive change in their schools. Read on to learn about the most important issues they are working on solving.

Ashley H.

YAB President

Colorado Academy

My idea of a leader is one who can step back at times and watch as other people show how they are leaders. Leaders care, are accountable and welcoming, but also know when to step into the shadows to let others shine.

Olivia W.

YAB Vice President

Kent Denver

I define leadership as the ability to play to the strengths of teammates and maximize a team’s capacity to achieve a set goal.

Lilly S.

Communications Chair

Denver South High School

Leadership is taking action to create positive change. No matter which way you lead, the goal is always to make a difference in the world around you.

Ashley S.

Thunder Ridge High School

A leader is a person who helps others learn and grow within themselves. A good leader helps the climbers climb and helping them with footing and pulls them up.

Natalie B.

Cherry Creek High School

Successful leadership occurs when a leader is able to guide others to discover their passions and in turn shape those individuals into leaders as well. Leaders are listeners who consider the opinions and ideas of their group in order to achieve a common goal.

Tuhin S.

Colorado Academy

A leader is not just someone who directs others, but someone who is a qualified team player. A leader is someone who listens and empathizes with other’s opinions and needs, and also someone who has the vision to take risks.

Grace L.

Thomas Jefferson High School

Leadership is a person who leads by example. They help influence people to make a difference in their community.

Erica A.

Denver East High School

Leadership is taking a role of organization in order to make things run smoother. It’s also being a good role model and person to look up to and follow during hard times or just times when you need someone to turn to.

Olivia L.

Denver Waldorf School

Leadership is helping and working with others to complete a challenge at hand.

Taylor R.

Heritage High School

Leadership to me is not always being the person at the front of the room, telling everyone what to do. To me it is reading a situation and seeing what the group needs to be successful, it could be the person at the front of the room or it could be someone to just listen.

Clara L

Denver East High School

Leadership is taking a stand for issues you’re passionate about without hesitation.


Nicole Mahobian


Stephanie Mendrala

CYL Board President

Instructional Coach, MARS Team Educational Outreach
STEM School Highlands Ranch

Nick Moscaritolo 

CYL BOD Treasurer

SVP Finance, CFO at Lodging Investors Holdings, LLC

Jodi Harmon

Associate Board Liaison 

Regional Band District Manager at Wells Fargo

Angela Han

VP, Customer Success and Professional Services at NextGen Venture Partners

Paul Bauer

Clinical Professor Emeritus at The University of Denver

Shawn Ouellet

Director of Project Management, Peak Resources

Monte Smith

SVP of Strategy & Market Development at Terumo BCT