“Life is not about achievement, it’s about contribution.”

We asked our Youth Advisory Board (YAB) what they thought of this quote: “Life is not about achievement, it’s about contribution.”

Here is our first response from South HS Senior and YAB secretary,  Emma Costain.

“Colorado Young Leaders has expanded my ability to contribute to my community. In just the few short months that I’ve been a part of this organization, I have invested into the lives of kids at the Colfax Community Network, taught sport skills to youth with disabilities at the National Sports Center for the Disabled, met with amazing role models, and learned so many skills to help me become a leader in my community. The Summit Projects inspire me to dedicate my talent, passion, and energy to changing my local community. I am currently in the process of beginning my Summit to Mt. Cameron, where I will commit to serving a specific Non-Profit and work towards a common goal. I am continually putting my passion into action. All of my goals revolve around contribution, NOT achievement. It may sound cliché, but it’s about the climb and the journey, not the destination.

Colorado Young Leaders stresses the importance of appreciating your talents and making the most out of what you can do every day as a young person.  We are learning to give back to our community because our contribution matters.  For example, last night at our Leadership Exploration Meeting, we listened to Steve Job speak to the graduating class of Stanford University.  He warned the graduates that “you cannot do great work, if you are not doing work you aren’t passionate about.” CYL is committed to following these words by encouraging high schoolers to identify their passions and finding opportunities for high schoolers to serve others with a purpose. I encourage every person reading this to join in our movement and to contribute to the growth of your community.”

September 23, 2014