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(a photo of Tuhin hanging out with animals at Sky View Farm during a campout) 

Who is your favorite program partner to work with? Why?

I enjoy working with Horizons; we gained access to many schools and children around the district who we met and spent time with. I also like working with Sky View Farm, where we tend to all the farm’s horses, sheep, and other animals. Camping there overnight is one of my core memories.

What’s a cause area you’re passionate about? 

A cause area that I am passionate about is education. I really enjoy working with kids, and helping them read and solve arithmetic problems. It’s cool to see how we can play a helping role in the kids’ academics, and to think that we are trying to impersonate the role of someone who we looked up to when we were in elementary school.

Why do you choose to serve with CYL?

I chosse to serve with CYL because I like the community I work with, and the new peers who I meet in each service adventure who are like-minded. I also love how I get to explore new things and interests through CYL, such as when I first went camping – which is now one of my favorite hobbies.

What inspires you to serve your community?

My peers and their accomplishments inspire me to serve in my community. I truly enjoy helping others, and helping bring benefit or joy in their lives. Seeing these sparks of happiness are something that inspire me to continue serving in my community.

What would you say to someone who is nervous about jumping into action (with or without CYL)?

I would tell someone who is nervous about jumping into action to begin with something in their comfort zone, such as gardening, animals, or tutoring, and slowly expand their horizons to begin exploring new paths of service and adventure. In addition, finding peers who are interested in service always makes everything joyful, and creates a positive environment for these activities.