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(working hard to restore heavily used trails in Summit County) 

What has been your favorite volunteering moment so far?

My favorite volunteering moment so far was going on a camping trip and doing trail restoration with the Friends of Dillon Ranger District. It was a lot of fun to go camping and to meet new people and get closer with friends, and the actual volunteering was a lot of fun because I got to work outside with my hands, and I got to clearly see the actual impact of the hard work my group put into trail restoration.

What’s a cause area you’re passionate about? 

I’m passionate about working in nature, especially the mountains. This is something that I’m passionate in because I love the mountains and I want it to be a place that I can protect and work to let other people see, and a lot of volunteer work that I can do outdoors is work that has tangible evidence of making a difference.

Why do you choose to serve with CYL?

CYL is a community where I can put in a lot of work to make a difference, and CYL has many connections with programs that need help from volunteers. Also, the community of CYL is very welcoming and a group of people with similar passions about making a difference

What inspires you to serve your community?

Being able to see the change that I am making and the people that I am positively affect.

What would you say to someone who is nervous about jumping into action (with or without CYL)?

It’s always rewarding to see the difference that you can make, and the community of people you will meet taking volunteering action is another bonus!