Global Youth Service Day & Colorado Young Leaders – Youth-led solutions to real world problems

In light of what we have all seen in the last month, culminating with the March For Our Lives on March 24, young people in our nation, our state, and our communities have picked up the mantle and are visibly impacting our world.

Colorado Young Leaders (CYL) has joined with Youth Services America (YSA) for their annual Global Youth Service Day event. On April 21 & 22, 2018, in 5 communities along the front range, teams of students will take on a range of  community-focused service projects and as YSA says “offer youth-led solutions to real-world problems.”  Stand back and observe, or join in, but regardless – here they come!

CYL has 5 chapters in the Colorado Springs / Denver areas. The Arapahoe chapter, guided by Tom Robinson and youth leader Avery Russell shared the excitement of their upcoming GYSD adventure. “Our students determined mental health was one of their greatest care-abouts for the community,” Tom said. “And while the term, mental health, means different things to us all, this team wants to create an outcome in which all participants and observers walk away with a direct experience of well-being and a smile on their faces.”  So, what exactly does that look like?

Avery, a member of the CYL Youth Advisory Board, was delighted to reveal that Arapahoe County has offered the sidewalks of their libraries to be decorated with chalk drawings. “It is hard to see the world in a new way when you are doing everything the same way.  We are offering a change in perspective to see joy, caring, and wellness in new places.”  Tom added, “This opportunity will provide a tool to help participants relate to their community with joy and inspire an ongoing life-affirming message.”

Both leaders were enthusiastic in their invitation to all students in the community to join in this unique time of service, collaboration, and fun. Community leaders, local residents and library visitors are welcome to roll up their sleeves and join in. Specific details of the timing and location for the chalk art project can be found on the CYL website,

Watch closely as these Colorado young leaders make a profound difference. Join them as they participate with young people across the US and around the world in GYSD’s global event. Avery extends this personal invitation, “Join us for a fun couple of hours on April 22nd, to collaborate with people in our Arapahoe community on a day dedicated to mental health, food, and new friends.”