CYLers CTA to Governor Polis

CiviCO, a strategic partner of Colorado Young Leaders, hosted the annual Colorado Governor’s Citizenship Medal Ceremony to honor incredible leaders who have made a significant impact across the state of Colorado. The Citizenship Medal is based on the National Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor and is given to businesses, community leaders, young people, and more who have left a legacy in Colorado. Our Young Leaders closed out the evening with a strong call to action, directed to our state’s policymakers, community leaders, and influential business partners. Our students’ leadership was center stage as they recited a leadership poem with poise, confidence, and intention. 

Their reward? A fun night of dressing up and a photo op with Governor Polis!

By providing our youth with experiences like this that stretch their comfort zones and do something outside of the “norm” for your average high school student, we are able to provide our youth with a literal place at the table next to our state’s current policymakers. These prominent adults in our community get to hear firsthand what’s going on in the lives of today’s teens. Our youth belong center stage, reciting a call to action to those making decisions for them and to have their voices heard. 

Read on to hear what one Young Leader shared about her experience: 

This was an amazing opportunity to meet with people that I wouldn’t normally meet with, like the [Executive Director of State of Colorado Department of Corrections, Dean Williams], who was really sweet and funny. It was also super cool to speak our poem in front of everyone!

April 8, 2022