COLORADICAL Mural, a reflection from a Young Leader

“A leader doesn’t do it all, they inspire others to work alongside them” (Olivia, Young Leader from East HS)

A mural is not about one panel nor is it about each individual painter, a mural is a commitment toward one another in creating something that represents the group as a whole. The CYL mural in Castle Rock represents what it means to be a Colorado Young Leader. Bold. Curious. Daring. Caring.

As I came up with a design for the CYL mural, I was inspired to illuminate the essence of Colorado Young Leaders. The top of the mural starts with illustrations of the five core values of CYL; Service, Leadership, Community, Adventure, and Legacy. Each illustration leads into one another building up to the Colorado Flag behind the Rocky Mountains with Columbine and Aspen trees peeking out on the sides. ‘Colorado Young Leaders – Exploring a new way to lead –‘ falls right under the mountains with a view visible to all passer-byers. The teamwork that day made it all possible. Each individual was committed to their section, working tirelessly to pull it all together. By the end of the day CYL had painted a mural spanning over 600 ft.


mural_columbines3             mural_tree

Leading that day taught me so much about creating a passionate atmosphere. I learned the importance of encouraging others to take action on their ideas and letting them run with it. A leader doesn’t do it all, they inspire others to work alongside them. I am so grateful for Colorado Young Leaders and to have had the opportunity to help plan such a COLORADICAL mural!!!

mural_maddy_tree     flower_mural


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June 21, 2015