August is all about Summit Challenges & Successes

On August 14th, fifteen of our Young Leaders, staff, volunteers, and parents joined others in their community to climb Mt. Bierstadt for kids at Children’s Hospital. This peer-to-peer campaign supported kids and families who rely on Children’s Colorado’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Learning Services.  It was an incredible day.  Here is what some our our team had to say about their experience.climb_4_kids_1.jpg

The most rewarding part of this climb was standing together as a CYL team on top of the mountain. Although we moved at different speeds, we came together at the end to celebrate our accomplishment. This Service Adventure helped me grow as a leader through observing the differences in the people around me. In order to summit, it was necessary to work together and to understand when it was necessary to split into two different groups. This allowed both groups to be satisfied with their climb, opposed to the fast group having to wait and the slower group having to feel like they were pushing themselves too hard. I learned that communication is immensely important, and I absolutely loved the challenge. As the air got thinner, a sense of accomplishment grew within me because with every step I was closer to the top. At times it may have been challenging, but at no point was it impossible. I deeply enjoyed powering through the pain and upwards towards the summit.  I am better because of this climb, and I love knowing that I also helped kids at Children’s Hospital with every step I took.”  (Logan, age 16, Arapahoe Chapter YAB President)


“One of the things I loved most was that an outing that is physically difficult for some — and not so much for others — brings out the purest display of support, compassion and a feeling that we are all in this together. It was very cool to see one non-profit – CYL – enthusiastically form a team and climb and raise money on behalf of another amazing nonprofit — Children’s Hospital Foundation — with the specific knowledge and intention that they were climbing to support fellow teens struggling with mental health issues. It provided an elevated sense of purpose, determination and courage for CYL climbers, as it did for me personally as well. And, oh those breathtaking views and new friendships formed!” (Liz, CYL volunteer & parent)

“This climb was like nothing I had ever done. It was so much fun being able to do my first 14er with friends, family, and complete strangers. I loved being at the summit with our whole team. I feel like this adventure helped me to learn that even though we want to go non-stop for everything, a small break can help you accomplish your goal more effectively. Over all, it made me want to go climb more mountains both in the outdoors and in life!” (Kailee, age 16, Douglas County Young Leader).


“It was great to see the Young Leaders encouraging and helping one another. Nobody felt left out even though each person had their own personal challenges throughout the climb. I loved talking with the young leaders during the day; they helped keep everyone’s spirits high up and down the mountain – especially with Maddy’s cowbell” (Lauren, CYL volunteer adult leader)

This is what CYL is all about.

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August 14, 2015