Andrew got hit by a car, but he is OK… and actually super awesome

Posted By CYL Team

Andrew, one of our awesome supporters, was recently involved in a hit and run accident while riding his bike in Denver. After hitting Andrew and sending him into the windshield of his car, the driver fled the scene but was followed by a good samaritan. The driver was caught and of course the driver also didn’t have insurance. While this story is still playing out, it looks as if Andrew will need surgery to repair one of the 4 broken ribs he suffered in the accident…

So to help our friend, the Living the Dream Brewery is hosting “The Andrew Got Hit By A Car Which Really Sucks Cycling Poker Run” on Sunday August 30th! Time to be determined, stay tuned!

The Andrew Got Hit By A Car Which Really Sucks Cycling Poker Run – Sunday August 30th

Andrew was not at fault in the accident and does have insurance but is still on the hook for lots of medical bills. Living the Dream spoke with several of our other brewery friends and they all came to the same conclusion, “this sucks.”* (*Living the Dream’s words).  So they thought they would help Andrew out by combining some of his favorite things: biking and beer.

Poker Run

They’ve teamed up with Locavore Beer Works, St. Patrick’s Brewing Company, The Platte River Grill and Grist Brewing Company for a day of beer and fun on two wheels. All of these great breweries are contributing a portion of their sales during the brewery bike tour to help Andrew out. We’re also running a Poker Run so you can win cool swag at the last brewery you stop at on your bike.

•Poker Run hands are $5 each and riders will pick a card at each stop to be marked on your Poker Run Sheet. The rider with the best hand at your last brewery will win cool swag from that brewery.

•There is no cost to participate in the ride if you don’t want to participate in the Poker Run. Simply download the map or pick up a copy at any of the the participating breweries on the 30th and start your ride.

•The recommended route is on designated trails & sidewalks and crosses Santa Fe at Highlands Ranch Parkway in one location where there is a designated crosswalk. To check out the route click here.

Stay tuned for more info on start & end times, but mark Sunday August 30th on your calendar for an awesome day of riding & beer!

Follow Up from Living the Dream

“When Andrew found out about this ride… he asked that the benefit funds raised be split with Colorado Young Leaders organization. (We told you he was an awesome guy.)

Colorado Young Leaders focuses on leadership development for high schoolers through adventure trips centered on volunteering and getting their kids involved with volunteering with local non profits.

An example of one of the adventure trips is taking the students to Winter Park where they ski with men and women with disabilities through a partnership with the National Sports Center for the Disabled. Another one is partnering with National Parks to help build trails, etc. During the week, students are involved in endeavors such as mentoring kids from homeless families, creating and executing anti-bullying campaigns (one of the students actually helped developed curriculum for an international anti-bullying group). Overall, they have 225 students and in the last year, they’ve volunteered over 10,600 hours.

We couldn’t agree more Andrew, this is a great cause and we are excited to get this benefit Poker Run rolling.

August 5, 2015