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Why local to global? Peru Recap 2014

Our students know they can change the world, just by starting locally.  However, our students also love to explore, discover new cultures, and lead outside their comfort zones.  This is why Colorado Young Leaders offers one LOCAL TO GLOBAL experience a year.  This year, we partnered with our Denver-based friends at the Walking Tree Travel.  It’s crazy how our two organizations’ hearts align: we believe volunteering and experiencing others’ perspectives is the best way to learn; we believe in the beauty of this world and believe we can change the less beautiful parts; and we ultimately believe life should be an adventure… a service adventure.

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10 students, 7 schools, and 12 days in Peru taught our Young Leaders some lessons in leadership that they will never forget.  Watch our video and check out all of the incredible photos here.

Before we left Peru, we asked our Young Leaders to send us a postcard about these lessons, here are some of their thoughts on the experience!  If you are interested in taking on our Local to Global service adventure next summer, email us at nicole@coloradoyoungleaders.org to learn more about this possibility!

peru 3Maddy_WorkMaddy Gawler, South HS, Senior

This Local to Global Experience has been eye-opening!  I am so excited that CYL started this program.  It was incredible having the opportunity to represent CYL at my host family’s home! I learned new words, tried new food, and had the chance to experience an amazing culture!  I learned how to dance, tried guinea pig & alpaca meat, and learned how to dye sweaters.  It was amazing to make a differnce in the community and build a new roof on the local school.  I gained a lot of muscle from all the hard work, and I sweated way too much!  It was worth it because I knew I was making a difference.  I am definitely going to try to come back with my family and show them the amazing Inca culture! Can’t wait for next summer’s Local to Global CYL trip!”

peru4 katieKatie Lemberger, Valor HS, Senior   

“This trip to Peru has been so life changing.  It made me so appreciative and gracious for the things I have and made me feel so much more passionate about the local projects I do in Colorado.  It made me really understand the major change I can make in the world.”


peru5 Stevie_WorkStevie Shock, East HS, Junior

“Thank you CYL for allowing this amazing group of students to grow as leaders in Peru!  I truly learned I can make an impact on this world, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn it on the CYL Local to Global experience!”



 peru6 BailyBaily Cechini, Hertiage HS, Junior

“From this Peru trip, I have learned that leaders come in all different forms.  There are outgoing leaders and also leaders who are more introverted.  I also realized that being a good leader doesn’t just emcompass the ability to lead other, but also to be a good follower and let others step up.  After seeing and experiencing this culture, I have learned that nothing is “bad,” it’s just “different.”  I have realized how blessed I am to be given such an amazing life, and I am now so much more grateful then I was before.”


peru7 gretchenGretchen Jamison, SkyView HS, Senior

“I had an amazing time on this trip, and I would like to thank CYL for the opportunity you have given us to grow as leaders of the future.  Helping the town of Ollantaytambo has made me realize that I can make an impact on the world.”


peru8 maddy_mMaddy Meuret, Valor HS, Senior

“This trip has given me a more optimistic perspective of the world.  The mission of this trip made my problems seem less important.  I has made me realize that if you are pouring into others, it makes you a better person.  You put away individual problems and focus on serving your community and know that you have a bigger purpose in life.  Being a leaders is knowing when to lead and when to follow, to be humble and genuine and to actually enjoy what you love.  A real leader doesn’t change who they are to fit in.”


peru9 natalieNatalie Watkins, Kent Denver HS, Sophomore 

“This trip to Peru was my first time out of the country without my parents.  It is also the first time that I have truly lived in the moment.  I had no fear or stress of the past or future.  This trip has changed the way I see the world.  I realized that sometimes you only get to meet someone once, letting go of doubt can be freeing, and rewards are sweeter when they are earned.  I became a better leader by forging so many relationship, conquering new challenging, learning from my mistakes, and realizing how lucky I am just to have be in Peru.”


peru10 Katherine_WorkKatherine Addy, Kent Denver HS, Junior

“Based on my experiences in Peru, I learned to live in the moment and recognize the blessing present in every situation.  Being a leader means to focus on the present and bigger picture which might mean sacrifice.”






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Check out our Local to Global video!

September 16, 2014