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Elevate your students’ leadership skills.

You provide your students so much inside the classroom. Give them even more
outside of it with meaningful, impactful service opportunities. CYL believes the future generation of leaders should have every opportunity to grow and use their voice to become change makers. You believe this too. So let’s make this happen. For them.

Students can do more. Much more.

Encourage your students to step forward and be more of the leaders they were meant to be.

Youth comes first. Always.

Investing in CYL and our programs is investing in the next generation of difference makers. They will be the future policy makers. The business leaders. The active citizens. The ones who impact our entire community. They’re taking action to become change makers. So we should as well. 

Practice today, perfection tomorrow.

Leadership is never automatic. It’s a matter of honing and sharpening skills for public speaking, grant writing, and taking deeper dives into community engagement and doing so with purpose and passion.

Making it real in the real world.

No doubt it’s a tough world out there. We need some thick-skinned people to take it head on. We need the leaders of tomorrow to help us navigate through all the challenges emerging today.  

Leadership. That’s what it’s all about.

We need leaders who use their heads and their hearts. Confident ones. Compassionate ones. The people ready to handle whatever lies ahead. It starts here. It starts now. 

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