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The leaders of tomorrow are leading today

High school students that go further.

You’re here to do more than make a difference.

You’re here to be the difference. Be the change maker. Your passion, your principles, your desire to be there and guide others. You will have the power to use your voice and actions to help others believe in themselves. Simply because you first came here to believe in yourself.

We are Colorado Young Leaders.

Our Impact

Involved Highschool Teens

Student Volunteer Hours

Non-Profits Impacted

Partnering Schools

Reducing Harm in our Communities

In this episode, Sonakshi and Brayden chat with Leah Rohlfs, a youth leader with the City of Fort Collins Restorative Justice Services, and Ames Stenson with the City of Englewood Restorative Justice Program about the power of restorative justice. This episode...

Youth in Government

Youth in Government

In this episode, Sonakshi and Brayden chat with Colorado Youth Advisory Council members, Sidd Nareddy and Bhavya Surapaneni, and former state senator Ellen Stuart Roberts, who is one of the founding representatives of COYAC. This episode explores true youth-adult...

Co-Creating Our Future

Co-Creating Our Future

In this episode, Sonakshi and Brayden chat with our Founder, Nicole Mahobian, and Ryan Heckman, the Chairman of CiviCO, to share about the importance of intergenerational partnership through a live recording. As always, this podcast is produced in collaboration...