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Kindly Bold Award

Those who knew Lauren Guthrie reflected on her leadership style as “Kindly Bold.” If you look up “Kindly Bold” in the dictionary, it is not there. Seemingly impossible to define in a few, concise words, it is a leadership style that has to be lived out. A leadership style that is full of both grace and courage; a leadership style that pulls out the best in others.

This award is designed to celebrate and recognize the contributions of Lauren Guthrie – a Colorado Young Leader whose legacy touched so many in our community. This award is given annually to a deserving senior at the end of the school year. 


The recipient of this award will embody the compassionate leadership characteristics that were demonstrated by Lauren throughout her lifetime and most profoundly as a member of Colorado Young Leaders. These characteristics are marked by a kindness that displays authentic empathy, that stems from an inclusive spirit, and is rooted in a desire to further the greater good.  The recipient will also possess a boldness that inspires growth, embraces adventure, and motivates positive action for themselves and others around them.

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