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The Kindly Bold award is given to a deserving senior, and celebrates and honors the legacy of Lauren Guthrie, a CYL student whose Kindly Bold leadership made a profound impact on our community.

Brayden is one of the recipients of the 2023 Kindly Bold award for this school year. Brayden has been in the CYL community for the past year and a half and has primarily spent his time as one of the podcast hosts for Generation Collaboration. Brayden boldly asks questions to uncover more depth about community issues. He has acted with boldness wearing his amazing suit jackets standing on stage with Governor Polis at the Colorado Governors Citizenship Medals. He speaks with kindness and passion for issues like LGBTQ+ rights, restorative justice, and youth civic engagement. He is involved in so many aspects of this Colorado community. Thank you and congratulations Brayden.

Ashley is one of the recipients of the 2023 Kindly Bold award for this school year. Ashley has been involved in CYL for all her 4 years of high school. Her CYL experience, like many in the Class of 2023, varied greatly over the past four years due to the challenges during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ashley found her solace in the outdoors, and spent countless hours serving with organizations like Robins Nest and Skyview Farm, Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, and with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. Like Lauren, Ashley has love for adventure and nature. Her boldness shines through as she has been the President of CYL’s Youth Advisory Board for the past two school years. Thank you Ashley, for your contribution to CYL and to your community over your time with us.


Ashley and Brayden are featured on the far right in the photo with Governor Polis at the 2023 Colorado Governors Citizenship Medal Celebration