August is all about Summit Challenges & Successes

August 14, 2015

On August 14th, fifteen of our Young Leaders, staff, volunteers, and parents joined others in their community to climb Mt. Bierstadt for kids at …

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Andrew got hit by a car, but he is OK… and actually super awesome

August 05, 2015

Posted By CYL Team Andrew, one of our awesome supporters, was recently involved in a hit and run accident while riding …

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Summer of Adventures & Impact

August 05, 2015

Taytay: “Megan, would you rather live in the mountains or Denver?” Megan: “I’m not sure, where would you want to …

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Breckenridge Surf n’ Serve Week

July 24, 2015

Santa Barbara, California & Breckenridge, Colorado have a lot more in common than people would expect.  Both places boast desirable …

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Press Release: Summit Celebration 2015

July 21, 2015

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COLORADICAL Mural, a reflection from a Young Leader

June 21, 2015

“A leader doesn’t do it all, they inspire others to work alongside them” (Olivia, Young Leader from East HS) A …

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