Students – You are Ready to Lead!

No, you don’t need to wait to go to college!

You don’t need to be the smartest in your class or have lots of money!

And you certainly don’t need to be popular!

ski_pizza_winterAt CYL, we know what you’re capable of: you are ready, right now, to start leading. When you make the decision, you will start living a new kind of life characterized by compassion, discovery, and adventure. Whether you’re a freshman or senior, this new life will inspire your classmates, friends, and family and change the landscape of your community.

CYL is here to guide you. Not only will we help you uncover your strengths, we will also create unique opportunities to develop your passions and put them into practice. Be assured this won’t be easy – it will take commitment and courage from you. But we’re confident in two things: our approach and that immeasurably powerful beating muscle between your ribs.

Your Move

There is a movement brewing. Young people around Colorado are getting off the couch, facing the most challenging issues of our time, and impacting lives –  join them today!