Parents – We make giving back cool!!!

You’ve been telling them this stuff for years, but add “teen” to their age and all of a sudden your voice gets drowned out in a sea of media, culture, and peers. CYL can play a sort of middle man. By offering students genuine professional opportunities and compelling adventures, servant leadership takes on real meaning.

Young Leaders involved with CYL grow in the following areas:golden.png


Character: It is the thing you’ve focused much of your energy to instill in your child since they were small.  And, let’s face it, so much of what they’re exposed to in today’s world is contrary to what you’ve showed them. When they engage one-on-one with adults and children who persevere in the face of enormous obstacles through our local nonprofit partners, young leaders come away humbled and grateful. When young leaders take responsibility for professional endeavors for the greater good, their spirits are energized. As they move through all 13 themes within CYL’s dynamic leadership curriculum, young people experience what it is to be a lifelong learner, an active listener, and a valued and contributing member of the whole community.


  • Professionalism: The professional landscape of our society is changing. Gone are the days when a college degree meant success. Employers can have their pick of applicants with degrees. Opportunities to develop and lead nonprofit programs are built in to the CYL curriculum, creating confident young women and men who who are ready to meet challenges. CYL doesn’t give grades; it develops leaders in the real world, for the real world.


  • Vision: As they progress, young leaders develop clearer understandings of their strengths and passions. They look at themselves not as a kid, but a valuable member of the community with real power to influence the world. Young leaders begin to look at others differently as well. Peers aren’t viewed as competition, but become co-laborers towards a shared goal. Nonprofit clients are no longer the weak, but become friends who teach priceless lessons.

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