Our Staff

Lauren Steavpack, Program Director

CYL is a creative, welcoming environment for Young Leaders to be free to share their beliefs and opinions, listen closely to others and learn from each other as well as the community. As they grow and evolve, the community gains so much from the love, enthusiasm and hard work that the students put into it. Our CYLers have a strong passion for life and it’s why I love what I do!

Email: lauren@coloradoyoungleaders.org



Evan Simpson, Denver County Summit GuideCYL_Web-Board-Photos_Evan-Simpson

My passion as both a classroom teacher and an outdoor educator led me to Colorado Young Leaders, and I am both proud and excited to be involved with this community! I have seen a boundless potential in our young people for compassion, inspiration, leadership, and ingenuity… sometimes all they need is a little guidance. I am hoping to do my small part in providing a space, platform and opportunity for their amazing voices to be heard and looking forward to seeing their vision come to fruition.

Email: evan@coloradoyoungleaders.org



tom_robinson_275Tom Robinson, Arapahoe County Summit Guide

Young leaders strive to live a life full of meaning and action. Through building character, giving back to the community and striving for new, meaningful experiences young leaders transform themselves and the world for the better. They illuminate the room with their optimism and passion for positive change. They believe in the possibility for each person to reach their potential. They dedicate themselves to their own personal growth and to the growth of all those they surround themselves with.

Email: tom@coloradoyoungleaders.org



erika_rewey_275Erica Rewey, Pikes Peak Summit Guide

I’ve been a professional educator for nearly 20 years, and I continue to be impressed and inspired by the young leaders I get to work with on a daily basis. They see so many injustices in our world and, instead of being apathetic or negative about them, strive to make a positive impact. They so much want to have a voice and a hand in changing the world for the better, and CYL teaches them the leadership skills they need to make that happen!

Email: erica@coloradoyoungleaders.org



Claudia Richey, Douglas County Summit Guide Claudia_Photo

It didn’t take long after I moved to Denver and became involved with Colorado Young Leaders for the students to make a huge impact in my life. I am amazed at how inspiring, generous, and ingenious they are. To be able to assist these students in discovering what they are passionate about and to see them develop over time is why I am excited to be part of CYL. I look forward to the many adventures and witnessing CYL grow throughout the community.

Email: claudia@coloradoyoungleaders.org