Mt. Lincoln




“CYL has given me more opportunities to volunteer and network in the community. It has taught me how to actually be a leader…I think that’s mostly because CYL doesn’t limit us. We ask.​ ‘How high?’ and CYL says, ‘As high as you want’. CYL let’s us explore and make our own mistakes. ​We aren’t afraid of failure. Our society is changing and the impossible is becoming possible. We are writing our life story and get to choose what we do with it. Colorado Young Leaders show us options and gives us opportunities to leave a legacy.” ​(Maddy, Lincoln climber)




The view from the eighth-highest peak in Colorado is worth the short but steep pebble-strewn climb. Young Leaders are starting to make CYL their community; here they perch on the tall summit and help others in their community by designing a Service Adventure, Program or Project, or start a CYL club in their school.

Milestones to the summit

1. Young Leaders regularly attend Monthly Leadership Exploration Meetings & engage in discussions with their Chapter and adult Summit Guide through our student portal.

2. Young Leaders partake in an internship with a non-profit or for-profit that will deepen their understanding of passion, purpose, and self.

3. Young Leaders gain valuable feedback from adults outside of CYL through a CYL mentor or internship mentor.

4. Young Leaders will have completed at least 150 hours of community service.

5. Young Leaders complete a Summit Project (optional).


What is a Summit Project (SP)?

We believe our Young Leaders is becoming the new generation of community changer.  Our Summit Projects (SP) are student-designed opportunities to partner with a local non-profit and to work in cohorts of 3-8 peers and/or adults in order to make positive change in the community. We believe committing time to a Summit Project will allow our Young Leaders a chance to work as a team to develop leadership skills and more authentic understanding of self, others, & our community through volunteering. We believe Summit Projects lead to writing meaningful legacies with our lives in high school.

Lincoln SP: What is the greatest need for the NPO you all are passionate about? How can they fulfill that need with your investment & energy? Put your passion into practice and involve others around you!