Mt. Democrat



“Youth are longing for opportunities to test themselves & start making a mark on their world.  CYL calls out that passion, validates it, and provides the structure & guidance for it to be unleashed in truly constructive ways.”  (Kelley, Colfax Community Network)


Although Democrat is the shortest and first mountain our Colorado Young Leaders summit, it requires the most strenuous climb.  Students are volunteering with many different Colorado organizations to truly discover their passions. This is where our young people start to “explore a new way to lead.”

Milestones to this summit

1. Young Leaders regularly attend Monthly Leadership Exploration Meetings & engage in discussions with their Chapter and adult Summit Guide through our student portal.

2. Young Leaders actively explore a Passion & Purpose through participating in our Service Adventures and volunteering with at least 3 non-profits.

3. Young Leaders invest over 50 hours in their local community through Service Adventures, Leadership Exploration Meetings, and Individual Service Opportunities.

4. Young Leaders do an assessment to demonstrate their understanding of 3 leadership themes and the social issue they want to dive deeper into as a leader.

5. Young Leaders participate in a Summit Project (optional).


What is a Summit Project (SP)?

We believe our Young Leaders is becoming the new generation of community changer.  Our Summit Projects (SP) are optional, student-designed opportunities to partner with a local non-profit and to work in cohorts of 3-8 peers and/or adults in order to make positive change in the community. We believe committing time to a Summit Project will allow our Young Leaders a chance to work as a team to develop leadership skills and more authentic understanding of self, others, & our community through volunteering. We believe Summit Projects lead to writing meaningful legacies with our lives in high school.

Democrat SP: This is only the beginning of so much impact, so choose a project from your heart and follow through!