Mt. Cameron



​”​CYL ​has expanded my ability to contribute to my community. It stresses the importance of appreciating your talents and making the most out of what you can do every day as a young person.  We are learning to give back to our community because our contribution matters.”  (Emma, Cameron Climber)




From Democrat, climbers work their way along a saddle & ridge to Cameron’s Summit. This summit is flat like a football field, allowing for climbers to see in all directions. With more individual investment, our students begin to see their community anew and commit to a cause.

Milestones to the summit

1. Young Leaders regularly attend Monthly Leadership Exploration Meetings & engage in discussions with their Chapter and adult Summit Guide through our student portal.

2. Young Leaders identify a passion for one social issue.

3. Young Leaders work directly with non-profit organization & community leaders and commit to serving with one organization consistently for at least 50 hours.

4. Young Leaders will have completed at least 100 hours volunteering in their community.

***Young Leaders can start to participate in the Youth Advisory Board during this climb***

5. Young Leaders complete a Summit Project (optional).


 What is a Summit Project (SP)?

We believe CYL Young Leaders are becoming the new generation of community changers.  Our Summit Projects (SP) are student-designed opportunities to partner with a local non-profit and to work in cohorts of 3-8 peers and/or adults in order to make positive change in the community. We believe committing time to a Summit Project will allow our Young Leaders a chance to work as a team to develop leadership skills and more authentic understanding of self, others, & our community through volunteering. We believe Summit Projects lead to writing meaningful legacies with our lives in high school.

Cameron SP: Evaluate & Improve.  This is a chance to build on your previous project or just move in a new direction based on evaluations, impact of your first project, and feedback.